7 Hills of Kirkland

Celebrate 30 years of Attain Housing by joining our annual fundraising bike ride

It may be chilly and cold right now, but spring is right around the corner! That means our annual 7 Hills of Kirkland bike ride is coming up soon! Registration is open at 7hills.attainhousing.org. All proceeds from the ride go directly to fund Attain Housing’s mission to serve homeless families.


We are encouraging riders to take part in our CrowdRise program to help support our Eviction Prevention program. CrowdRise is an easy way to help raise additional funds for 7 Hills through your social media channels. You can recruit friends and family to join your “team” and do the ride with you, or just ask friends to donate a few dollars on your behalf for the cause. It’s easy! Check it out here.

Sheri Putzke, local real estate agent and longtime Attain Housing supporter, created a CrowdRise team for the 2018 7 Hills ride to honor of a friend who had passed recently.

“He was an amazing athlete and an Ironman competitor who had a sudden heart attack,” Putzke said. “I named the team in his honor and it was a really easy way to support a great cause.”


We still have room for a few awesome sponsors for the 2019 7 Hills ride. Please contact Carol Ryan (Carol@attainhousing.org) for sponsorship information.

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