Fleeing Conflict, Finding Stability

A Client’s Story: Lena, 32

We’d like to share a recent success story with you. Lena and her son Simon recently moved out of our housing and into permanent housing here in Kirkland after spending about two years living in our transitional housing program.

Many of our client families are immigrants who benefit greatly from from having case managers to help them navigate new systems and customs in their newfound home. Lena and Simon fled the violent conflict in Northeast Africa that claimed Lena’s husband’s life. They arrived in the United States in Massachusetts. Shortly after settling there, Simon was severely injured in a car accident that left him with on-going developmental issues. Months later, after Simon was healthy enough to move, Lena relocated to Washington with Simon and was connected with Attain Housing through her church.

Lena and Simon flourished in their new stable home and safe community. Simon, now 8 years old, began getting the educational help and attention he needed in the Lake Washington school district. He has bonded with his classmates and has found the community support network that he and Lena have so badly needed since immigrating to the United States.

Lena was steadily employed for most of their two year stay in our housing. Thanks to the help and mentorship of our case managers, she was able to make the jump to partially subsidized permanent housing just last month. We are happy and proud to have been a part of Lena’s progress and we know she and Simon will continue to thrive here in Kirkland.

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