Meet our Staff!

Kathy, Greg, and Jesse enjoying a cheeky holiday gift exchange

Attain Housing remains a small, but mighty nonprofit organization. Feel free to come on down to the office and meet our staff! When you walk in, you’ll likely be greeted by Jesse, our Welcome Home program administrator and 7 Hills bike ride coordinator. Our intern Anna might be up front, too, helping out with Welcome Home follow-up calls. If you head down the hallway, you’ll come across our development team, led by Development Director Carol and Communications & Development Specialist Eric. They’ll be working hard on spreading the word about Attain Housing’s services and working closely with our fantastic donors and sponsors.

Continuing down the hall, you might see our part-time bookkeeper Nita. Be sure to answer her trivia question on the white board! Maybe you’ll run into Kurt, our Facilities & Maintenance Manager if he’s not busy fixing something at one of our apartment complexes. Next up, you’ll be approaching the Case Managers offices with our Housing & Facilities Program Director Carmelita and our two primary case managers, Greg and Megan. These folks are the heart and soul of our organization and work extremely hard to help our client families meet their goals. Give them a high-five!

Finally, you’ll be right next the office of our Executive Director Kathy. If she’s not tied up in a meeting, she’ll likely pop out to greet you with a big smile and a “Hey y’all!” in her signature Texan twang.

Stop by and see us anytime!

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