In the News: Eviction Prevention

Helping people keep their current housing proves to be cost-effective and efficient

Eviction reform and eviction prevention services have been in the news a lot lately. Attain Housing has played an active role in providing eviction prevention and move-in services for several years now and we’ve seen our number steadily increase in both demand and the amount of funding we’ve been able to devote to it.

Losing your home can happen to anyone at any time. Anyone who loses a job, has a major medical issue, retires on a fixed-income, or gets divorced can easily find themselves in financial dire straits. Having an eviction on your record makes it very difficult to obtain future housing. Preventing folks from entering the cycle of homelessness is a crucial first step in lowering the homelessness numbers in our region. While it may not address all the other systemic issues that contribute to homelessness, it is a very cost-effective way to help people in the short term. And for folks in crisis, the short term might be all they have.

In 2018, we prevented 101 house-holds from becoming homeless, up 48 percent from 2017. It’s clear the demand for these services remains extremely high and we hope to help even more households remain in their homes in 2019. Your support will us achieve this goal.

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