“What does it mean to volunteer?”

Among other things, volunteering is a way to serve your community. As Merriam-Webster notes, volunteering means offering your time or service. It also means being open to different opportunities and giving your time to help others.

Meet Jesse Sheldon, our newest volunteer Board member. Jesse is an experienced real estate broker, and dedicated community advocate who brings his passion for helping families to the Attain Housing board. With a personal focus on providing housing for children, Jesse’s commitment aligns with his past work as the founder of Eastern Washington’s first diaper bank.

As a board member at Attain Housing, Jesse applies his background in real estate and nonprofit leadership to help families achieve stability and self-sufficiency through transitional housing solutions. His experience in creative marketing, operational management, and multifamily property ownership and management brings a unique perspective to the board, as he works collaboratively to address the challenges faced by those in need in the Kirkland/Eastside community.

Jesse joins our seasoned and robust Board of Directors but there are still some seats left. So, if you are still wondering, “What does it mean to volunteer?”

Well for starters, volunteering benefits include reduced stress and depression, increased morale and happiness, and even a sense of purpose. The more you volunteer, the more benefits you can gain. It doesn’t even have to be long-term or require a large amount of time. Depending on your needs, you can volunteer for as little as one hour a week, or as much as four hours a week.

To find out more about serving on the Attain Housing Board of Directors, please contact Natalie Reber, Executive Director at Natalie@attainhousing.org and for all other volunteer opportunities, contact Shama Shams, Development Director at shama@attainhousing.org