Statement from Executive Director Kathy Fleming

We are experiencing a deep, deep pain in our community and country right now, and it makes it difficult to know what to say. We are sad and angry at the unjustified death of George Floyd especially knowing that it is just the latest in a long line of racial injustices and violence toward our Black community. We want to raise up our voice in supporting a just and equitable community for ALL members.

The mission of Attain is to provide housing and rental assistance for the most vulnerable families in our community. It is no coincidence that 59% of our transitional housing families and 29% of our rental assistance families are Black. Much larger than their representation in our general population. Why? Systemic racism has played a large part in why so many Black families and individuals are marginalized and experience housing insecurity. How can we stop this? Speak out. Change behavior. Become educated.

We are speaking out against these inequitable systems and committing to do all we can to be part of the solution. We appreciate all of you who support our work and join us in our efforts. You are helping marginalized and oppressed families of color stabilize and rebuild their lives. Your support provides them the tools and resources they need for future self-sufficiency. This gives the future generations of these families a better start and a better chance to not experience homelessness. We must commit to dismantling the systemic racism that pervades our society. We acknowledge our privilege and will use it to strive for justice. Join us and many others in moving forward so we aren’t having this same conversation in 10 years. #BlackLivesMatter