Rental Assistance Update – Fall 2020

We’ve partnered with the King County Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance program to assist even more families in 2020

Stable Home Program

For families months behind on rent due to the pandemic, paying off that debt can lift a huge burden and relieve untold stress. Attain Housing is playing a key role in making that happen through its own Stable Home rental assistance program and as a partner with King County.

Though eviction rates are down in King County because of the ongoing eviction moratorium, set to expire Dec. 31, accumulated rent debt will have to be paid at some point. That’s where Attain Housing has stepped in.

“With Stable Home, we increased the max amount of funds per household in order to be more adaptable and make a bigger difference with each household,” Program Services Manager Greg McLeod said. “We’re firing on all cylinders to help more people in 2020.”

King County Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program

In addition to the Stable Home program, Attain Housing in September became the first and only Eastside partner for distributing funds from the King County Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program (KC-EPRAP). Working with several other organizations, the goal of KC-EPRAP is to distribute $41 million in rent assistance funds from the CARES Act by the end of 2020 to households with anywhere up to six months of rent debt.

This temporary partnership utilizes our staff to communicate with renters and negotiate with landlords, we’ve been able to assist 49 households with a total of $150,000 of rent assistance as of November 20.

“There are over 56,000 households who are behind on rent by at least one month in King County right now,” Greg said. “By partnering with KC-EPRAP, we’re able to help 30% more households than with just our Stable Home program alone and we’ll end up distributing 120% more actual funds to people than we’d projected with Stable Home alone.”

Our Resource Coordinator Jesse Perrell became our point person for connecting families with KC-EPRAP assistance. He received this very appreciative message from one family who was able to pay off their rent debt thanks to the program:

“Thank you so much for the effort and the help you put in my case. I highly appreciate it so much to all, for helping me and my family during this period of hardship. All of my family felt so relieved, and finally I see a smile on their faces. With you and your organization, you make us look ahead and be positive and enthusiastic to get through this hard time.”