Questions about the moratorium ending? Here is a King County tenant fact sheet that may help!

Eviction Prevention Fact Sheet for Tenants

King County’s Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program (EPRAP) is actively serving tens of thousands of tenants across the County who are facing financial hardship and housing instability as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that the Governor’s statewide Eviction Bridge Proclamation will end on October 31, tenants waiting to get their rent paid by the program may face an increased risk of eviction. Varying protections are in place and a substantial series of events must transpire for an eviction for non-payment of rent to proceed.

Here’s what King County renters enrolled in EPRAP need to know about the risk of eviction and protection that’s available:

Is your Landlord in EPRAP’s Large Landlord program? Help is on the way—eligible tenants will be served. The 314 large landlords representing 1,300 properties in the program signed an agreement they will not evict an EPRAP-enrolled tenant for non-payment of rent through December. Once payment is made on behalf of a tenant’s rent, that tenant is protected from eviction for six months after the payment period (the last month of rent paid). Landlords should communicate to tenants that they are enrolled in EPRAP.

Are you in the Tenant Pool? Help is on the way. The program is paying millions of dollars in rent for hundreds of households each week. However, serving eligible tenants in the Tenant Pool will take into 2022.

Eviction prevention protections in place today vary by jurisdiction.

  • Seattle, Burien, and Kenmore: These cities extended their eviction moratoriums to protect renters until January 15, 2022.
  • All other King County jurisdictions: The risk of eviction proceedings increases starting Nov. 1, 2021, but protection is available. If your landlord issues you an eviction notice, Housing Justice Project will provide you free legal counsel. Additionally, in King County, there is currently a court order that any eviction may be delayed by up to 60 days for a person who is enrolled in the EPRAP program to allow time for the program to pay rent.

Get free Eviction Prevention help from the Housing Justice Project: Whether you are waiting for rent assistance in the Tenant Pool or Large Landlord program, live in Seattle or Unincorporated King County, if your landlord issues you an eviction notice, help is available.

EPRAP has allocated $24 million to the Housing Justice Project and Dispute Resolution Centers to provide legal aid to stop evictions.

Before you make decisions about leaving your unit or agree to a payment plan, contact HJP to see what federal, state and local protections apply to you. Protections vary based on a renter’s situation and jurisdiction.

To request eviction-related legal assistance, you can contact the Housing Justice Project in three different ways:

  1. Complete this online form to request legal assistance in English or Spanish
  2. Call (206) 267-7069 to leave a message
  3. Email

It’s not too late to register for Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance!

The best way to protect yourself from eviction is to register for EPRAP today at or call 206-477-1331