Party with a Purpose

What is a Party with a Purpose?

A two-three-hour, invitation-only, social gathering with up to twenty people, hosted at one of our supporters’ homes. The event involves a presentation of our work and impact, time for question and answers, small-group discussions, a fundraising ask, and time for participants to casually socialize.

Steps to organize a party with a purpose:

Assess what you want from this event, and reach out to our team at Attain Housing at 

We will help you organize your event:

Here is our sample three-hour Event Plan —

  1. Casual socializing with food and drinks (30 minutes)
  2. Welcome from host, housekeeping information, and a brief word of support for the organization’s work (5 minutes)
  3. Welcome from presenters, including brief biographies (8 minutes)
  4. Event agenda (2 minutes)
  5. Overview of our organization’s mission and achievements (15 minutes)
  6. Guest self-introductions — maximum of 45 seconds per person — using a focus question, e.g., “Why are you passionate about Attain Housing?” (25 minutes)
  7. Short break (15 minutes)
  8. Presentation about our programs and organization (40 minutes)
  9. You revisit our organization’s vision and make our financial ask (5 minutes)
  10. You hand out envelopes that include a written donation form, event survey, and postage stamp (8 minutes)
  11. Closing sentence (2 minutes)
  12. Casual mingling