Our Community, Coming Together to Change Lives

As we ring in the New Year, most of us are nestled in front of a fireplace, enjoying the prospects of a good meal and a safe and warm place to lay our heads at night. Unfortunately, this is not the situation that all of our community members face each day. Attain Housing sees many families and individuals in need of shelter and sustenance. It is your financial partnership that makes the difference in so many people’s lives.

For over 10 years, Jan, Deborah, and their son Nathan lived in their rundown motor home, moving from one location to another each night. They were exhausted from the day-to-day challenge of living like this. With the lack of proper plumbing and electricity, each day was a constant struggle just to meet their basic needs. Not only was it difficult to find a safe place to park each night, but trying to find a shelter that would accept their entire family was nearly impossible. Their lives changed dramatically when they finally reached the top of the wait list for housing. Attain Housing was ready and able to provide transitional housing and life-saving case management for this struggling family.

This family has been overwhelmed with gratitude, endlessly expressing their appreciation and gratefulness for a warm and safe home and for the inordinate level of support they are receiving from Attain Housing Case Managers. Deborah is actively working on gaining employment, and Jan and his son are growing their independent moving business. They are finally able to enjoy the little things in life that most of us take for granted. With help from Attain Housing, this family has been able to make significant strides toward accomplishing their goals.

At Attain Housing, we understand the importance of community and the need to feel like you belong. This is the platform from which success springs forth, helping the homeless move from transitional to permanent and stable housing. These sentiments are echoed by Deborah, who has mentioned several times to us that what she appreciates the most from having a place to call HOME is being part of a community again. You may never meet this family, but please know your financial partnership means that you are a part of their lives forever.