Highlights from Q&A Video Session with Executive Director Kathy Fleming

Kirkland, WA

On April 8, Attain Housing invited our top donors and supporters to join our Executive Director Kathy Fleming on Zoom for an informative Q&A session to talk about how our organization has responded to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and how it is affecting the families living in our transitional housing program. See below for links to timestamps for highlighted topics. We hope this helps paint an accurate, realistic, and yet hopeful picture of how a small non-profit manages operations during a pandemic. Thanks to everyone who participated and a huge thank you to all our donors who have made gifts during these uncertain times. Stay safe!

  • 00:00-01:25: Intro with 2019 highlights in review, including our Totem Lane expansion
  • 01:25-4:15: The COVID-19 epicenter in Kirkland and beyond, how our supporters have responded so far
  • 4:15-7:44: How our client families are dealing with the pandemic, social distancing, applying for unemployment, etc
  • 7:45-8:49: Updates on our Stable Home eviction prevention service and how the statewide eviction moratorium will affect it
  • 8:50-11:40: Samantha St. John, AH Board President and Kirkland Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, gives up an update on the local business situation and how the Chamber is responding
  • 13:32-17:50: More on client family rental relief
  • 17:55-20:15: Updates on our 7 Hills of Kirkland: Shifting Gears fundraiser
  • 20:20-23:20: Review of state government funding available to organizations of our size
  • 23:21-26:10: Samantha and Kathy discuss the organization’s financial situation going forward in 2020
  • 26:15-44:00 : Q&A on payroll protection, case manager duties, more on unemployment, GiveBig, resource referrals, and more