Growth Through Stability – A Survivor’s Story

Photo credit: Marie Detty

A large majority of the families that enter our housing program are single mothers who are fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, and other traumatic events. Sadie came to us through a community partner called Special Delivery. They operate a shelter for young mothers in Woodinville.

With her two small children in tow, a toddler and an infant, Sadie has found the stability and safety in her own home, and the support from her case manager to begin to work through her trauma and find her way back to feeling healthy and happy again. She is seeing a therapist weekly and making great progress there. She was recently hired into a job in retail where she’s already helping train new employees.

Sadie is also very passionate about learning how to help others who are dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault. One of her long term goals to become a trained advocate for those who were in similar situations as her. In her relatively short time in our housing program, Sadie has already made huge strides and we’re extremely proud of her progress and resolve.

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