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Attain Housing

Non-profit organisation

We believe that every family should have access to stable housing, a support network and the opportunity to become self-sufficient.

Attain Housing

3 days 18 hours ago

McKinsey & Associates just released a new and comprehensive analysis on what factors are driving King County's #Homelessness crisis

Attain Housing

Attain Housing

6 days 11 hours ago

#CommunitySupper is back to our regularly scheduled program tonight! Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church is serving up chicken, lasagna, banana bread, salads, and more! Come on down! #Kirkland #Eastside #Volunteer @ Holy Spirit Lutheran Church


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On Saturday, July 18, we had a wonderful morning. That's when the amazing team from the Holmberg Company arrived to repair floors, build fences, install new water-saving toilets, and re-stripe the...

At Attain Housing we work hard to meet the needs of our residents. Here is what a recent graduate told us: I really appreciated the knowledge of the caseworkers with regard to...