Donor Spotlight: Higher Leaf-Green Theory

Over the last several years, Higher Leaf-Green Theory has become one of Attain Housing’s most engaged and generous community supporters. As with many folks, it all started with involvement in the Community Supper program.

“Back in 2016, one of our owners, Molly Honig, participated in an Attain Housing Community Supper with a group of other families from her children’s school,” said Lizzie Maslan, Master Staff Trainer. “Molly later mentioned Attain Housing’s mission to me and highlighted the profound impact they have in our community. Together we decided to start our involvement with Attain Housing by volunteering as a company to sponsor Community Suppers throughout the year, about once a season. This spring will be our 14th Community Supper and we are stoked!”

Thanks to Molly’s encouragement, Lizzie took it upon herself to increase Higher Leaf’s involvement beyond serving meals.

“Our involvement with Attain Housing began a bit like a struck match that ignited a flame which became a bonfire,” Lizzie said. “In 2017, we started our Attain Housing Household Goods Drive during the holiday season to raise community awareness about this organization and to collect helpful items for families transitioning into their new housing.”

Lizzie and the Higher Leaf-Green Theory crew quickly discovered that their customers were both very willing to help and curious to know more about Attain’s mission.

“We simply gave our customers the information, opportunity, and an outlet to contribute and our customers astounded us,” Lizzie said. “They brought in literally car loads of donations!”

Lizzie pointed out the fact that the cannabis industry is a disposable income market, which means that if someone can spend $50 at their shop, they often have an additional couple dollars to spare and will gladly donate to a cause they find important.

“This year, Molly matched all cash donations and we were able to donate a total of $6,500 in addition to hundreds of household items,” Lizzie said. “Our community has proven for years to be one of the most generous and kind groups of people out there.”

In 2019, Higher Leaf-Green Theory also started hosting a similar donation drive to help raise funds for our
annual 7 Hills of Kirkland bike ride on Memorial Day and raised $1,500 last spring.

Lizzie said that Higher Leaf-Green Theory values positivity, compassion, and genuine care for their customers, which drives their enthusiasm to support community organizations like Attain Housing.

“We could just sell cannabis products but we choose to do more because it matters to us,” Lizzie said. “We are all in this together and it’s important to be the change you would like to see in this world. Watching the Community Supper program grow in size over the years has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring to watch. We are happy to be a part of it and look forward to it every quarter.”

Attn: Local businesses with lots of foot traffic! Want to engage your customers in collecting funds for Attain Housing? Contact for an easy to set-up fundraising kit for your business!