Donor Spotlight: Don & Susan Adams

Longtime Eastside residents Don and Susan Adams wanted to make a bigger impact to help those in need in his local community, but didn’t know how to go about it in the most effective way. A friend referred Don to Attain Housing and he helped organize a group from his LDS church to do a service project at one of our housing properties in April 2019.

“We painted a unit, worked on the yard, and rented a 28-foot truck to take a load to the dump,” Don said. “Being able to help with that kind of maintenance project so that another homeless family could move in faster was very fulfilling because I could see that kind of measurable impact first-hand.”

As Don learned more about Attain Housing, he was encouraged by the over 90% success rates for families moving onto permanent housing from our program.

“I like to be able to see something actually happening here,” Don said. “You have trustworthy staff on the front end who are able to direct the money from donations directly to the services that help homeless people locally and that feels good to see.”

Another aspect of Attain’s approach that Don finds to be so crucial is the case management element.

“I really do love the slogan that it’s a ‘hand up and not a hand out’ because throwing money at a problem like homelessness doesn’t fix it,” Don said. “You need those case managers to help them along and stay focused, and it gets results. I have multiple family members that have experienced homelessness, and money alone can’t fix the problems they have. There needs to be more to it than that.”

We’re very happy and honored to have people like Don and Susan in our corner. If Don’s story strikes a chord with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we can help find the best way to get you and your family involved with our approach to helping families recover from and avoid the trauma of homelessness.