Community Supper: Providing Community and Hope

Community Supper

Once a week people from all walks of life gather at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church – the very community that makes up our Community Supper. Just one meal a week on Tuesday evenings offers more than a full belly, it offers a break on the wallet, a friendly face, and support networking opportunities.

Washington State is a center of innovation and home to some of the most successful businesses in the world, but problems of social inequity and poverty persist. For many in our community, food stamps can’t be stretched far enough, so a nutritious, hot meal makes all the difference in the world. A few of our guests at Community Supper recently shared their stories.

One woman suffered a very unfortunate car accident, which resulted in the loss of her job. She was evicted after being unable to pay her rent. She now has a job, but living on a friend’s couch is not a suitable long-term solution. At Community Supper, the evening meal is a life saver in more ways than one. She has the opportunity to find the support she needs, and she’s discovered local outreach programs which are available to improve her living situation.

A legally blind man, who must live paycheck to paycheck, is a factory worker for a company called Lighthouse for the Blind. Community Supper is a great place for him to broaden his horizons, meet new people, and gives him a night off from cooking, which helps with his financial situation.

Lastly, a woman who lost her husband and then fell on hard times began attending Community Supper almost five years ago. At Community Supper, she has found a sense of purpose in coming alongside those who, like herself, are not native English speakers.

The immense feelings one experiences at Community Supper are of sheer appreciation. Our volunteers and dinner guests are so grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that Community Supper provides.

We would be remiss to not mention that Holy Spirit Lutheran Church provides amazing support to Attain Housing during the Holiday Season by creating the “giving trees” and the much needed physical space to create food baskets for Thanksgiving celebrations for homeless families and those at risk of becoming homeless. Thank you, Holy Spirit Lutheran Church!