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Attain Housing

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We believe that every family should have access to stable housing, a support network and the opportunity to become self-sufficient.

Attain Housing

3 days 19 hours ago

McKinsey & Associates just released a new and comprehensive analysis on what factors are driving King County's #Homelessness crisis

Attain Housing

Attain Housing

6 days 13 hours ago

#CommunitySupper is back to our regularly scheduled program tonight! Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church is serving up chicken, lasagna, banana bread, salads, and more! Come on down! #Kirkland #Eastside #Volunteer @ Holy Spirit Lutheran Church



Cheers to 30 Years!

Join us for our “Home is Where the Heart is” Luncheon on September 26 at Bellevue Presbyterian Church

We’ll be toasting to 30 years of serving homeless families at the Attain Housing “Home is Where the Heart is” Luncheon on Thursday, September 26. We hope you can join us in celebrating all the donors, board members, staff, and volunteers who made it their business to pitch in and help those in need in their greater Eastside community.

Dr. Benjamin Danielson

We have a fantastic keynote speaker lined up in Dr. Benjamin Danielson, distinguished pediatrician and Senior Medical Director of the Odessa Brown Clinic in South Seattle. Dr. Danielson is also a clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington. He did his residency at Seattle Children’s Hospital and continues to see patients there.

Drawing on his extensive training, research, and deep wells of personal experience, Dr. Danielson seeks to improve the health and circumstances of low-income children and families throughout Washington. As a provider of transitional housing for families for 30 years on the Eastside, we at Attain Housing are excited for Dr. Danielson to provide his expertise and perspectives on the positive impacts that stable housing has on children.

Our luncheon will be hosted by Sasha Cousineau and she will facilitate a new and exciting “Raise the Paddle” portion of our event. We hope you’ll join in by helping us raise funds to serve even more families in 2020!

Click here to register today and we’ll see you on September 26!


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