Business Heroes

Business Heroes Fundraising Campaign

How YOU Can Be a Local Business Hero

Starting in June and running through the summer, the #BusinessHeroes campaign connects Kirkland businesses, their networks, and the vulnerable families and children of Attain Housing, the Kirkland nonprofit that houses and supports these families, as we all recover from COVID-19 and its economic aftershocks.

Our fundraising efforts are to ensure that these families and children of Attain Housing can rebuild from homelessness and those facing eviction remain housed. Let’s work together to make a difference for the local community.

Here’s how you can help:

Business-to-Business Challenge

*Each challenge 5 businesses to join campaign

*Those 5 challenge another 5 (could be vendors, even competitors)

*Cheer on businesses new to the campaign, businesses highlight businesses, especially those needing a boost

Business-to-Customer Challenge

*Participating businesses invite their customers to match their donations

*Promote that no gift is too small! $25, $50, $100, etc

*Encourage customers to share and tag others in campaign

How The #BusinessHeroes Campaign Benefits Your Business

*Engage and inspire your customers, vendors, and others in your network with:

*Attain Housing Social Media Spotlight

*Company logos shared throughout Attain Housing’s marketing

*On-premises visual recognition as a #BusinessHero

*Gain visibility to new customers

*Strengthen your business online presence

Why Your Support for Attain Housing Matters

Your support houses and supports 37 King County previously homeless families in apartments in Kirkland and Bellevue. Your donations also keep housed Eastside families at risk of eviction. All #BusinessHero funds raised go to housing vulnerable families during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. To donate, click here.

Sample Email Script to Send to Potential Fellow Business Heroes

Dear (Business Name/Customer Name):

I hope you and your family are hanging in there through this unprecedented time. I’m writing you to invite you to join me and  <Business Name> in the supporting the #BusinessHero campaign. We all are experiencing the impact of multiple crises. I believe this campaign is a great way to support a local nonprofit, Attain Housing, and rally businesses, their customers and networks, and the broader community as we move forward. Please visit to learn more. We will rebuild, stronger, together.


<Your Name>
<Business Name>

Click here for instructions on how to save and post images.

Click here for a #BusinessHero info sheet.

Questions? Email

Email Signature Graphic

Help us spread the word by adding a Business Heroes image and link to your email signature! Here is step-by-step instructions on how to add it to your email in Microsoft Outlook:

1.       Right click and save the above graphic to your computer

2.       Go to your Outlook, go to File > Options > Mail > Signatures

3.       Click NEW and call your new signature “Business Heroes” or something similar

4.       Copy the text from your current signature you are using and paste it into the new signature

5.       Place your cursor below the last line of text and click insert image button which is on the far right. It looks like a little photograph

6.       Select the saved image file from above and insert it

7.       Now click on the Business Heroes banner that you just inserted to select it and then click the hyperlink button on the far right, looks like a paperclip

8.       In the bottom text bar that says ADDRESS, put in and click OK

9.       VERY IMPORTANT – Now click SAVE under the signature blocks section. Then on right side there is a drop down menu for NEW MESSAGE. Select your new Business Heroes signature as the option for New Messages. Then click OK on the main box and then OK on the options.

10.   Now when you start a new message, your new Business Heroes image should be in your signature. Woo!

Our 2020 Business Heroes!

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