Attain Housing’s staff-led social justice discussion continues with NPR podcast “It’s Been a Minute”

“It’s Been a Minute” featuring Tracee Ellis Ross

For last week’s staff-led discussion on social justice education, we listened to an episode of the “It’s Been a Minute” NPR podcast, hosted by Sam Sanders. Sanders is a journalist who previously covered elections for NPR before launching his show, which each week features one news round-up episode and one deep dive interview with a celebrity or journalist.

This episode features an enlightening and free-flowing chat with actress Tracee Ellis Ross, star of the ABC sitcom “Blackish” and recent movie “The High Note.” Ross also owns her own line of hair care products made for Black women, Pattern Beauty. Sanders and Ross cover a lot of ground in this episode, from what’s changed as a Black person in 2020 post-George Floyd protests to working to normalize Black representation in movies and television to the revolutionary power of Black joy.

Our staff listened to this podcast with these questions in mind to help guide our discussion.

  • What’s something you heard here that had never crossed your mind before or that hit you differently?
  • In your opinion, how are Black women often portrayed in movies, TV, etc. and how does that correlate to some of the issues that Tracee Ellis Ross mentions?

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Here’s a link to the other resources our staff has discussed so far.