Attain Housing Partners with Local Kirkland Business


SimplicityABCAttain Housing is pleased to announce a partnership with SimplicityABC, a local shop in the heart of Downtown Kirkland. SimplicityABC will donate 15% of the net proceeds from all sales on Saturday, December 5, to support families in our program.

“Being a local business, it is important for us to support our community,” said Simplicity Founder and Owner A. “I am looking forward to this opportunity to work with Attain Housing.”

“We truly believe that every donation, no matter how large or small, makes a difference in our community, and we are honored to be the recipients of this partnership,” said Attain Housing Executive Director Cheri Kilty.

SimplicityABC offers all kinds of fun activities and classes for children and their parents. The idea behind SimplicityABC came from customers at SimplicityDecor. As more and more people began enjoying their unique children’s items and asking for more gifts, toys and books, what began as a small corner of kid’s items quickly expanded — eventually, running out of space.

Knowing that the only way to answer all the requests from their customers would be to expand into a new space in the neighborhood. So A began looking. A few years later, A learned Georgie, owner of Lakeshore Gallery, across the street, had plans to retire. A few short months and a lot of renovating and hard work later, SimplicityABC was born — place for children and their parents to live, laugh and learn!

Download the Press Release (PDF)

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