Attain Housing operating remotely starting March 9, please call for assistance

Kirkland, WA

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Attain Housing are re-thinking the way we operate in order to protect the health of our client families, employees and volunteers. Beginning Monday, March 9, all employees of Attain Housing will begin working from home as their job duties allow it. This may continue for at least 2 weeks and possibly longer as the situation develops.

We have plans in place to continue all important functions and to serve the families and individuals who depend on us. All employees will be connected via phone and web-based file sharing. Case Managers will continue to meet with their clients on a weekly basis via phone conferences. We will ensure that new families coming into our housing are able to move in as quickly as possible. Stable Home eviction prevention services will continue to be provided by calling our main office number at 425-576-9531. We are working with our community volunteers to be able to provide Community Supper so that those who rely on this meal each week are not left out.

The Attain team is prepared to keep things moving forward and yet, we want to be sensitive to the needs of our employees, their families, our volunteers, and our client families who want to limit their exposure. This will require a period of adjustment as we are usually very much a “hands-on” organization. Bear with us and we will ensure that our clients are not negatively impacted by our change in work methods. Thanks for your continued support as we work through this as a community.